Beginning in 2012, there will be a new election cycle for all National, State, and Local elections.  Are you registered to vote?  Is your address up-to-date?

Texas primary elections will be held on March 6, but in order for you to be eligible to vote in this election, you must be registered to vote by February 6.

Don’t delay!  Registration and address changes are easy to do and take just a minute of your time.  You can either download the application online at

and then mail it in, OR you can pick up an application at most post offices, libraries, Texas Department of Public Safety offices, and Texas Department of Human Services offices.

Remember, if you don’t vote, then don’t complain later on when elected officials don’t perform up to your standards!  Voting is a privilege, so please register and then GET TO THE POLLS DURING EARLY VOTING OR ON ELECTION DAY!  YOUR STATE AND YOUR COUNTRY NEED YOU TO PARTICIPATE IN THE ELECTORAL PROCESS!

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