Debra wants to meet you!

I’m trying to make sure I get out and visit with all of our District 29 residents by attending City Council meetings in each of our towns that are situated in District 29.  I’ve already been to Alvin, Brookside Village, Iowa Colony, and Manvel, and will be at the next Pearland meeting as well.  Not only have I met some great people, but I’ve had the opportunity to talk with residents of those towns about the issues that concern them and that they believe their State Representative can assist them with.   Now, that is what makes public service so important and so gratifying!  And for me, it is this type of grassroots contact that keeps me aware of what you – the taxpayer – are focused on.  If I’ve missed you at one of these meetings, you can always e-mail me at or even call me at (281) 393-2056.  I may not always have the answer, and you may not even like the answer I give you, but I give you my word that I will listen to your concern and do what I can to find a solution to the problem.  So many times it just appears that our elected officials are deaf to our needs, and I promise to always remember that I work for you (as it should be with ALL of your elected officials)!

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