• National Rifle Association, NRA Political Victory Fund has awarded Debra an “A” rating based on her NRA questionnaire and her strong defense of Second Amendment Rights.
  • Dear Debra Rosenthal-Ritter,
    Truth Be Told (TBT) is a large group of individuals who live in Pearland, Alvin and the surrounding areas.
    We are made up of Republicans, Democrats, Independents and Tea Party Members all working towards educating our residents on what truly happens in our community, particularly concerning politics. We invite you to check out our website (we are still adding other portions of the website).  http://www.truth-b-told.org/ After careful consideration and quite a bit of research done by all of our members as well as a unanimous vote, we have voted to endorse you for State Representative District 29.  We applaud your continuous integrity and level of ethics you have shown and the refusal to compromise these qualities during your run for office. We appreciate your service and hope that your campaign is successful. Sincerely, TBT
  • Sulphur Springs, TX, April 30, 2012 — TEAParty911.com Founder, Michael Kinzie, today announced his endorsement of Debra Rosenthal-Ritter in her bid to become the next Representative of Texas House District 29. Kinzie said of Rosenthal-Ritter, “Debra is a patriot who has made the decision to get into the fray of politics for the right reasons. Debra seeks only to serve her district, her state, and her country and cannot be bought by special interests like far too many politicians of today. The voters of HD-29 could not ask for better representation than Debra Rosenthal-Ritter.”
  • Royce Mitchell,  We NEED citizen legislators to go to Austin and cut the spending and taxes. I think Debra is the one for our district. I hope everyone will contribute to the campaign and vote for her during the primaries, and then again in the general election.
  • Gun Rights Attorneys, Congratulations on the A Rating
  • Dr. Mayank C. Patel, M.D. – Board Certified in Pulmonary Diseases, Internal Medicine, & Critical Care Medicine
  • Daniel McCool, To the citizens of Texas House District 29, It is with great pride and pleasure I endorse Debra Rosenthal-Ritter for the Texas House of Representatives District 29. Debra’s diverse background as an educator, certified financial planner and experiences in the securities and insurance industries are qualifications our community should embrace. Additionally Debra is a mother and wife, business owner, highly educated, community active, self-motivated and hard working patriot who represents real citizen’s values make her an easy and natural choice to represent District 29 in the Texas House. Sincerely,Daniel McCool State Treasurer, Texas Crime Prevention Association Treasurer, Clear Lake Area Republicans 2010 Texas GOP State Conference SD11 Sgt at Arms
  • Klaus Seeger – former Pearland City Council member
  • Jamie Schuelke,  Debra, Thank you so much for making this commitment! You would make any district proud to have you as their representative. We wish you all the best in your campaign!
  • Henry Dillmann “Debra, I am so glad that you are going to Austin. Our state will be a better place with you representing us.”
  • Sue Stringer, Alvin ISD Board of Trustees
  • Toby Stringer, Steering Committee Alvin TEA Party Patriots
  • B.J. Ritter, Program Director, Alvin TEA Party Patriots
  • Derek Shoobridge, retired
  • Suzanne Dillmann, Campaign Manager
  • Jerry Bootenhoff, Republican Headquarters and past president of Alvin Area Republican Women, “It has been my privilege to know Debra for several years. I have found her to be an honest, dedicated woman. Her values are to God, family, and government. I believe she will be an asset to our governing body. “
  • Cynthia and Donald Dixon
  • Craig & Pam Hlavaty
  • Dennis and Sheri Edwards, members, Alvin TEA Party Patriots
  • Cindy Gibson
  • Patricia Grupe
  • Billie Johnson, Alvin Area Republican Women
  • Eric and Chris Jorgensen
  • Patton Ritter
  • John Williams
  • Thresia Wood
  • Jamie Schuelke, “Debra, Thank you so much for making this commitment! You would make any district proud to have you as their representative. We wish you all the best in your campaign!”
  • Amanda Smith, “Debra will give great representation for the everyday hard worker and tax payer! I am so glad she has answered this call to service. Amanda Smith Alvin “
  • Pearland TEA Party Board
  • Dale Huls, Board member of Clear Lake TEA Party, “Debra is the real grassroots conservative deal!”
  • William Streiff, “I wont be at the fund raiser but good luck in the meantime. Best of everything.”
  • Robert Gonzalez, Candidate US Congressional District 14 and Co-Founder of Clear Lake TEA Party, “I hope you have a great turnout because we need you in Austin. Good Luck my friend!”
  • Douglas M. McReaken
  • *Maria Martinez, Executive Director, Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas (IRCOT)
    (*Endorsement by individual, organization name used for identification purposes only.)
  • Ms. Eileen Cross – Alvin City Councilmember
  • Roger Stuksa – Alvin Mayor Pro-Tem
  • Jeanette Stuksa