Border Control

In the 82nd Texas Legislative session, I was frustrated with the lack of progress, most notably the oversights involved with addressing the problems of illegal immigration in a forthright and determined manner.  Other than the passage of a Voter ID bill, it appeared to me that the crucial issues of sanctuary cities, the “transparent” accounting of welfare and social benefits paid to illegal immigrants, and the application of an “E-Verify” type of employment verification process were left in committee.

Texans can no longer afford, either socially or economically, to provide safe and comfortable havens for illegal immigrants, and our country can no longer carry the security threat that persists by providing open borders.  I believe that your elected representatives, who take an oath to protect Texas and her citizens is sacred.  As your representative, I will always remember that I am in Austin to represent YOU, and you will always be FIRST in my votes.  I will proudly serve the constituents of the 29th District.