My Comments on Occupy Protests

I highly recommend that you view the video link below:

Afterburner with Bill Whittle

The only thing I would add to his already powerful message is that in addition to the “big, bad corporations” that do all this dirty work and then have the audacity to seek “big, bad profit” from it is simply this.  Each and every one of those spoiled, self-possessed, holier-than-thou, immature, petulant, whiners is so blessed to have been born in and be a citizen of the USA – because where else in the entire world could they act like the brats they are and STILL have the opportunity to profitably participate in the “big, bad profiteering” of those “big, bad corporations” by getting off their lazy asses and join the rest of us in the work force who realize that we too could benefit from these “big, bad corporations” by becoming shareholders in their companies? 

It’s called “free enterprise” and if they don’t like it, they’re welcome to pack their bags (or tent, or whatever nomadic paraphernalia they subsist with) and head to China or Cuba or anywhere else in the globe where their whining and desired descent into Communism is not only available but forced upon them by that country’s political machines.  After all, if they were to leave, that would leave more of those “big, bad profits” for the rest of us who willingly participate in planning our lives, our retirement, and our legacies for our children through participation in a system designed to reward achievement – by working! – what a concept! – and who recognize that it is the competitive nature of the Free Market system that elevates winners to the top and losers to – well, to nomadic tent burrows in city parks that are infested with drugs, criminal activity, filth, disease, bodily waste, and an unfounded sense of entitlement. 

America – love it or leave it – and take your pissy attitude with you, because the rest of us who are raising future capitalists and working to pay for your pathetic excuse of a life are sick of hearing your crap and watching you waste the vast opportunities that could await you from merely being born Americans!  Debra


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